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MYE is a cloud-based software for order management that allows users to access multiple channels from one login in real-time. MYE provides industry recognized security safety features to keep important data and keep it up-to-date across all your devices.

Manageyourecommerce provides you all access, information, and control over your entire business by allowing you to track and control everything that is happening through every sales and delivery channel.

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Continuous improvement to keep inventory and warehouse management competitive and in sync with market demands.

It is difficult to keep up with fast-growing technology in order to provide up-to-date features and seamless integration with multiple e-commerce platforms and systems.

Project’s Scope

Your Digital Assistant’s features for Efficient Inventory and Sales.

Continuous development of the current system through updates, new features, and optimizations keeps its efficacy and consistency with the market’s requirements.Improving the platform’s usability and appearance helps improve the overall user experience, making it simple and user-friendly.

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Simplify order fulfillment for expanding web-based merchants.

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Inventory Management System:
Prevent out-of-stock calculation client demand, automate inventory activities, and keep inventory up to current inside your marketplaces, stores, and locations to improve delivery success and customer pleasure. Say goodbye to spreadsheets and hello to MYE, which will automatically keep your inventory counts up to date among Amazon, eBay, Shopify, and Walmart.
Order Management System:
Orders from your Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and Shopify stores will be automatically sync. MYE solves the pain of multichannel order management for free. You can customize your order views company-wide or by the customer, helping your entire team to see the orders that are most important to them.
Shipping Fulfillment:
With our platform’s easy connection with leading shipping companies such as Royal Mail, EVRI, DPD, DHL, FedEx, and UPS, you can achieve operational excellence. Our integration minimizes duplicates, automates challenging activities, and improves overall operational efficiency, changing the shipping label buying process.
Integrated Messaging Option:
Using our integrated messaging system, you can build real customer interactions and provide timely service. Through our optimized messaging tool, you can respond to customer questions faster and create trust. Real-time contact allows you to respond to customer questions quickly, allowing you to develop strong and lasting relationships with your important customers.

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Inventory Overview
MYE app is a web-based centralized inventory management system for your stores and channels. Our Multi Channel Inventory Management System helps you to maintain an accurate inventory count for your items. The MYE app automatically tracks your inventory based on incoming and outgoing orders and sends inventory updates to your channels.
Orders Status
The Inventory System of the MYE app allows you to monitor availability as your customers place their orders. Allows clients to no longer place orders for out-of-stock items. Improves consistency and automates the ordering process.
Real Time Notification
You can access the cloud-based system from any location and at any time. Generate Purchase Orders automatically or on demand. Receive daily notifications for low-inventory products with our MYE app. Wherever you go, you will stay in touch via our MYE app’s message notification and low-stock notification.
Product Tracking
Scan inventory in and out using the in-app barcode and QR code scanner (or connect an external scanner). Perfect for tracking products that regularly move between locations and warehouses. Use it on your phone, tablet, or computer—from any time and anywhere.

Technology stack

Technology stack

Attendance Keeper leverages advanced technologies to deliver its robust functionality:

Facial Recognition
Deep learning algorithms analyze unique facial features to accurately identify employees. This technology is not only secure but also user-friendly.
Location Tracker
Attendance Keeper is an integral part of our HR Management System, serving as a powerful tool for tracking and recording employee attendance in real-time. Utilizing advanced technologies, including GPS and more
Data Analytics
Machine learning algorithms process attendance data to provide meaningful insights that facilitate better HR decision-making.
Cloud Infrastructure
The solution utilizes a secure cloud infrastructure, allowing seamless data storage, retrieval, and scalability.
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A better workflow

The MYE inventory system can differentiate between your warehouse inventory, the number of items used to complete orders, the number of items to arrive on orders, and the actual available quantity once pending orders are fulfilled.

Drop shippers’ inventory can easily be controlled with your warehouse inventory, giving you to know exactly how many units are available from your drop shippers and how many units are in your warehouse.

Push to deploy.
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