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Inventory Keeper

Inventory Keeper’s cloud-based inventory management software provides easy tracking and control, cost accounting, and monitoring for simplified inventory control.Inventory Management Software that connects to your entire company.

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Improving Inventory Management to a New Standard.

Develop a simple and user-friendly interface to allow people with a wide range of experience in technology to easily navigate and use it. Implement strong security measures to protect important inventory and sales data.

Project’s Scope

Your comprehensive inventory management partner.

The primary objective is to develop and implement ’Inventory Keeper,’ a user-friendly, cloud-based inventory management solution. Provide a system for quick inventory counting, tracking, and management.

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Your gateway to better warehouse management and faster sales.

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Tracking Items:
Inventory Keeper makes it simple to check when and where your equipment has been assigned - whether it’s an electronic device given to a new employee or the location of one of your wireless barcode scanners.
Warehouse Management:
Inventory Keeper is the only Warehouse Management System provider that also provides an innovative Warehouse Execution System (WES) that can be linked with the WMS or used independently in any situation. When implemented together, IK’s complete Warehouse Management and Operation System offers out-of-the-box integration.
Real Time Inventory Management:
With a reliable cloud-based inventory system that connects all of your channels in a single system, you can monitor anything in seconds, from adding new products to monitoring the status of your stocks.
End-to-End Tracking:
Automate your back-end warehouse and shipping processes to receive, process, and deliver orders more efficiently. Barcode technologies, wireless scanning, and automated systems are used to select ,pack and track your products.

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Everything you need to deploy your app

Deploy Inventory Keeper: Pioneering Simplicity in Inventory Management and Easy Inventory Monitoring.

Mobile Application
Our iOS and Android apps allow you to quickly scan inventory. Remove the need for carrying laptops to job sites to conduct scans. Complete checkouts with a single click.
Warehouse Management
Keep track of warehouse items through quick scanning and location tracking. Improve product inventory management by accelerating direct inventory checkups.
Stay Notified
Customize alerts to easily manage stock and receive alert notifications when stock levels are low. Send alerts to your team to keep them updated on your products.
Barcode Inventory
Automate inventory management with barcode and QR code scanning. Connect scanned goods to important details like amount, location, price, SKU, and more.

Technology stack

Technology stack

Attendance Keeper leverages advanced technologies to deliver its robust functionality:

Facial Recognition
Deep learning algorithms analyze unique facial features to accurately identify employees. This technology is not only secure but also user-friendly.
Location Tracker
Attendance Keeper is an integral part of our HR Management System, serving as a powerful tool for tracking and recording employee attendance in real-time. Utilizing advanced technologies, including GPS and more
Data Analytics
Machine learning algorithms process attendance data to provide meaningful insights that facilitate better HR decision-making.
Cloud Infrastructure
The solution utilizes a secure cloud infrastructure, allowing seamless data storage, retrieval, and scalability.
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Deploy faster

A better workflow

Inventory Keeper provides the complete product information required to implement a successful product management plan. Inventory Keeper will track and manage your products, as well as their changing setups and connections. By integrating distributed products into a single dashboard, integrated view, you can get an accurate image of your products every single day.

For your company, government agencies, manufacturers, and sellers, the warehouse is an important point of a business. Through the main warehouse, everything runs - from raw materials to manufactured completed products to products waiting for shipment to a distribution center, seller, or customer.

Inventory Keeper can be used over every important warehouse process, giving the warehouse a competitive advantage.

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