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Attendance Keeper

Attendance Keeper is an innovative Employee Management System that provides a comprehensive solution to all of the problems businesses have in managing employees. Attendance Keeper is the guide behind successful employee management, from the technical details of day-to-day operations.

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Attendance Keeper

Optimizing Employee Management

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Dynamic landscape of modern attendance system.

Employee management has become an essential element of success in today’s dynamic business world. The customer desired to keep employee information private and to set up the same level of security that was accessible to everyone.The challenge grew over developing a system that is clear and simple enough for general daily use.

Project’s Scope

Redefine employee management in today’s corporate world.

Attendance Keeper is a new employee management in today’s business environment. The scope was to develop a system that is not only completely flexible, identifying businesses’ visible requirements, but also future-oriented, combining with their goal of future growth. The goal was to design a system that not only meets the demands of businesses today, but also provides the platform for future growth.

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The ’Attendance Keeper’ is a state-of-the-art HRM product that combines advanced biometric recognition, cloud-based storage, and intelligent reporting to transform attendance management. The solution offers several key features:

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Facial Recognition:
Our Facial Recognition Technology improves attendance tracking. This advanced biometric solution ensures quickly and precise employee identification as they enter or exit the office. With Attendance Keeper’s facial recognition feature, clocking in is as easy as looking at a mobile or connected device.
Cloud Based Storage:
Cloud Based Employee’s Time and Attendance Management Software is Attendance Keeper manages employee attendance , Real-time Time, and Attendance tracking. It can do employees’ real-time attendance monitoring, Overtime tracking, attendance management, remote attendance tracking and more.
Real Time Tracking:
Employee location tracking, time and attendance tracking, tracking report, and all HR administration functions in one application at the most affordable price. Time and attendance monitoring software is essential for keeping track of employees in the workplace. For the best experience, use our Attendance Keeper.
Automated Reporting:
With Attendance Keeper, you can securely centralize employee information. This HR Management System provides all-in-one solutions, such as timely notifications, comprehensive reporting, and advanced analytics. With Attendance Keeper—a complete system that enables your workforce management—you can elevate HR operations, improve cooperation, and decrease costs.

Deploy faster

Everything you need to deploy your app

Attendance Keeper for iOS and Android provides the features letting you utilize every minute.

Track Time
We have designed the Attendance Keeper with simple timesheets that allow you to start and stop timers while you work on projects and tasks or complete your work schedule regularly.
Taking Screenshots
When you enable the Attendance Keeper app it will track and register all of your actions, documents, websites, and apps, as well as record the time spent on each of them. It also can take screenshots.
Tasks Assign
The AK board allows you to manage projects and tasks easily. Manage your work easily and increase productivity. The ’Tasks assign’ option allows you to maintain control over the tasks you assign and their progress.
AK Invoicing
Attendance Keeper online time tracking and invoicing software allows you to easily export and share invoices as PDF, e-mail, or private link. Our time tracker with invoicing tools allows you to bill clients with 100% accuracy by generating invoices based on worked hours.

Technology stack

Technology stack

Attendance Keeper leverages advanced technologies to deliver its robust functionality:

Facial Recognition
Deep learning algorithms analyze unique facial features to accurately identify employees. This technology is not only secure but also user-friendly.
Location Tracker
Attendance Keeper is an integral part of our HR Management System, serving as a powerful tool for tracking and recording employee attendance in real-time. Utilizing advanced technologies, including GPS and more
Data Analytics
Machine learning algorithms process attendance data to provide meaningful insights that facilitate better HR decision-making.
Cloud Infrastructure
The solution utilizes a secure cloud infrastructure, allowing seamless data storage, retrieval, and scalability.
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Deploy faster

A better workflow

There’s no point in continuously looking for your Attendance tracking. Attendance Keeper is always available and requires only one click to start or stop tracking.

One-click Attendance keeper
With Attendance Keeper a simple click, you can clock in or clock out.
Desktop application
Attendance Keeper’s desktop tool is simple to use and dependable, just as a good time tracker should be.
Highlight areas that limit your team’s productivity. Don’t allow interruptions cut into hourly salary.

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